I’ve been blessed with some amazing clients this season. Parin and Nimesh are THE AWESOME.

First they took me to a beautiful area in The Cotswolds for a unique engagement session.. Then they got married at Pains Hill Park in Surrey which is an amazing venue with stunning parks and surroundings (look out for their portraits half way through this post).

On top of all of that, they know how to throw one hell of a party. Surrounded by their family and friends, they partied the night away after what was an intimate Hare Krishna ceremony.

Big thanks to Mr Igor Demba for helping create some magic on this day.

I tried to shorten this post, honest, but its too big and beautiful to cut down too much.. enjoy!

The morning started with a small ceremony for Parin..

Nimesh’s family gathered outside for his entrance ..

Nimesh is fed sweets after a small ceremony outside the venue, and then smashes a clay pot with the heel of his foot before entering..

If at first you don’t succeed :) ..

The Parin’s family trying to steal the Nimesh’s shoes before he enters the Mandap

Nimesh view is then covered while Parin makes her entrance …

And then the ceremony begins..

All of the guests raised their hand to bless Parin and Nimesh at their wedding …

Parin leaves her family to join Nimesh’s ..


Time to get ready for an off the hook reception..

The ‘cute kid shot’ interlude..

Speeches and a great performance before the first dance..

Introducing the Dynamic Roadshow dudes.. they know how to lay down a party!

Parin’s friends who literally didn’t get off the dance floor!

The ‘shots’ shot!

My photography competition that night :P


Wishin’ you both all the best for the future Parin & Nimesh!


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  1. Lovely work sachin! Some really fantastic portraits and I love the ceremony images, feels really intimate. :)

  2. What an incredible day! It was an honour to witness and capture it alongside you bro. You did such a silly good job frame after frame! Parin & Nimesh, you win the award of sexy couple of the year! Thanks for making me feel so welcome and being simply awesome. All the best!

  3. Stunning, beautiful! I love every bit of it, thank you for sharing the entire story…

  4. Great angles on the ceremony. Always a trick in Hindu ceremonies to really get in there and still be unobtrusive, and you threaded that needle well.

  5. Absolutely amazing Sachin.. the entire coverage is just magnificent! Kudos!

  6. What a gorgeous wedding and the bride is beautiful! I really love the sweet/private moments between the bride and her family. Sad yet beautiful.

  7. Sachin…we love these pictures thank you for capturing our special day so beautifully, you definitely captured all the emotions that went on that day and the awesome party after! And our thanks to Igor too – everyone remembers him very well! It’s going to be hard work deciding on pictures for the album :)


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