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All images by Sachin Khona, British Columbia Portrait Photographer

British Columbia Portrait Photographer

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Those. trees. Great shot Sachin! I want to be there.

Stunning scenery.

Wow – what a place. Don’t think I’ve seen a place where the ground is so green but the trees look so dead. Great image!

Man amongst the giants – wicked frame.

what a spot. dig it.

looks like quite the magical spot. good work! :)

boom! great composition man.

LOVE this! Ultra rad!

Amazing location. I love the little patch of purple flowers <3

you got a knack for epicity dude. epicness. whatever. this is awesome.

Love the green wispy grass and the totally awesome tall leafless trees. Great find!

Very cool image Sachin.

Awesome location! Love the contrast between the trees and the grass!

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