Nahel & Rahul | Wedding | On Film


All the following shots were taken with the Canon EOS3 and Kodak Portra 400 film.

The good lookin’ fella is my brother Rahul and the gorgeous bride, Nahel. I didn’t really plan on shooting film at their wedding, the idea just popped into my head a few days before, but I’m so glad I did. I shot digital too, but whenever I had the chance I shot some 2 rolls of Portra’s.

I’m so pleased with the results. I love the look and feel of film. The colours and the grain.

Definitely will be shooting more of this in the future.

Congratulations Rahul & Nay on your wedding!


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Blown away by these, gorgeous tones, there is something magical about film. Great work. More, more….

Such a rich set of portraits Sachin. It’s what film was made for. Well that and landscapes and all sorts really but you’ve turned it to great effect here.

Yummmy, film is not dead!

These are really gorgeous! Nice work.

I love the vibrant colors. Love, love, love. You did a splendid job. Keep it up!

Kickass. The richness and vibrancy of the colours mirror Nahel & Rahul.

Flim is sooo badass. Just like you Sachin.

These are great Sachin, the colours are gorgeous and doesn’t your brother and new wife look happy?!!

Jeezzzzzzz….Too good Sachin!

These are so goregous Sachin! Love that you were able to shoot these for your brother! They must be over the moon with these.

SO delicious. Love the colour and the energy of these.


Big congrats!

Now THAT’S how you dress for a wedding.

There’s something really rich about film that I find gets lost in the digital format. Beautiful images.

Film was a perfect choice. You can just feel the fun-ness (new word!) of this couple through these portraits. I wish I was invited to their wedding :).

job well done. really solid portraiture.

Lovely work, Sachin! And Portra 400 is just awesome.

Who did the scanning? That would have much to do with how the files look here on the blog.

Sachin, your work is so incredible. I love the connection with you and your fam. Congratulations Nahel and Rahul.

nice one sachin! just lovely!!!

Great stuff Sachin. That second shot is especially stunning. The film is a perfect fit for these too. Love everything about these.

uh oh! Hitting that film. Nicely done brotha!

Mary Marantz

LOVE!! These are gorgeous Sachin!!


The rich colors of these images are complemented amazingly well by your use of film. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple.

Very nice film work. Congrats to the couple!

These look awesome! I am looking forward to getting all these pics from you guys for my blog and our facebook page!

AMAZING pics my friend, so happy to se Rahul having a great time. thanks for sharing


Guys! Thanks for the love .. really happy with these images :)

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