Melissa & Doug | Creative Vancouver Engagement Photographer


Great getting to know these two hanging around in Vancouver’s Olympic Village and Yaletown!

Make up for Melissa done by the awesome Carmen Tse


I’m currently offering 50% off my Vancouver engagement sessions for next year if booked by the end of Nov 2012.

Contact me for bookings and more info : | 604 728 6820





Gorgeous! Those shadow shots are amazing.

Loving these dude

Freaking awesome work yet again, Sachin!

Love that image third from the bottom. Great eye!


That fifth images is so good. Overall radness.

To echo everyone else, that fifth image is killer.

Sachin, you’re just so awesome. Looks like you and Vancouver are getting along swimmingly.

beautiful!!!!! love the rustic galvanize in the top shot


I love how sweetly he looks at her!

killer work buddy.

Sachin, these are great! Way to see man!

Really nicely done. Pretty cool all round.


Great choice of location for this engagement shoot especially the last ones.

awesome set bruv.

Great images. The shadow shot with the couple in the bottom right corner is extraordinary. Love the rustic shed in the back ground on the photograph at the top. Great work

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