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I’m working hard to keep pushing myself and trying new things. The next few months I plan to push myself more with my creativity. I have a few personal projects coming up which I’m looking forward to shooting & sharing on my blog.

Here below is something a bit different from my usual from recent visits to the Tate Gallery, Bank and around London.

The plan is to start showing more of my personal work on my blog and so here’s to a new start..

More coming soon!


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very cool. I love that first image, I’m very drawn to the small figure (looks like a child) in the center of the light.

Sachin, you seriously need to do more of these. My favorite one has to be the third one down. Love the clean lines, composition, and mood in it.

So awesome Sachin. Love the “Whaam,” Piece.

Nice! Glad you’re showing the personal work. Makes me want to see more. I love the first three frames.

Love that fourth photo. Great eye!

John Payne

Love it, Sachin! I love seeing more of the personal work on here as well. Really nice photos!

Sachin, Talk about Devisive clicking…love the subject placement in your frames!

wow, these are very nice man. very well place shots!

Nice stuff, Sachin!

Very strong images – really captured me & it’s great to see a photographer pushing the boundaries for themselves. Great lighting too.

Really great pictures here, makes me miss my hometown.

I used to live just around the corner from Bank and walked past those columns every day. Thank you for sharing your new personal work…

That first image is sweet. Great.

That first frame is very, very good. I dig the second and fourth as well. Nice street work.

First frame is killer! Love the processing too.

Awesome, I love urban photography. I love the 4th one and the two guys shot through the car.

keeper going with the personal stuff amigo. you’ve got some serious game.

jeez dude. you have talent. nuff said.

That first image in particular is great. Can’t wait to see more of your personal work.

Dang Man, that is some timeless vision! well done!

Great photos with beautiful light!

Great photos Sachin, and it is a cool initiative to post more of your personal work here. Good luck to you :)

Fantastic job and great exercise. Love it, next time can I join in?

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