Jayti & Ashil | Hare Krishna Temple Wedding

Big beautiful stories need big blog posts. This one, is a big one.

Jayti and Ashil were married at the Hare Krishna Temple in Watford, London. This temple has a special place in their hearts and to be married here now makes it even more special.

There are many places that I’ve wanted to shoot, and this temple was high on that list. I’m so glad they selected me to shoot their wedding. Thank you guys!

This wedding was spread over 2 days, with 2 different yet similar ceremonies. All the love in day 1 was present in day 2, with an emotional ending that even drew tears to my eyes. Everywhere around me were happy tears.

During the ceremony on day 1, I took a photo of the priest’s prayers. I read it later and here are some of the words read during the ceremony:

“Om I knowingly accept you as you knowingly accept me.
May we remain together, listen to joyous sounds together,
May we always experience well-being, and speak loving words,
May we remain together for a hundred autumns..”

Congratulation Jayti and Ashil!

Wishing you both nothing but the best.

Big thanks goes to the amazing Naomi Goggin who shot alongside me. Killer frames my friend, thank you for joining me!


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dude…seriously? Seriously!?? These are ridiculous. You must be a ninja because I have no idea how you’d get half of these shots. So crazy good. Too many insane ones to rule out just one. Great work bro.

Stephanie Koo

you are too good it’s not fair! :)

amazing work, sachin! i bow before your photojournalism skills. :)

So good! Such thorough coverage, the excitement, the laughter and the emotion. Nicely done!

all that color. amazing images.


Studying hard in the art of Ninjitsu Nate :)


Studying hard in the art of Ninjitsu Nate :) Thanks for the love bro!

Sachin Khona Photographer

Ahh thanks Steph :)

just so completely awesome.

These are awesome, I love the photos in the street, you really captured the excitement and energy of the baratt (along with EVERYTHING else!) Great images!

Your work is so reminiscent of newspaper journalism. Love it!

I love the two portraits of the groom looking down (side by side). They took my breath away!

NICE Sachin! This wedding looks like it was crazy full of action and you didn’t miss a thing!

Colors, emotion, beauty. You are crazy good.

Wow I am so visually stimulated right now I’m buzzing. So amazing!

I’m always excited to see your latest work, Sachin, but this wedding is just WOW WOW WOW. So full of win.

The bride is gorgeous! Love your b&w processing too! Great photography Sachin!

Work speak for it self, Simply Amazing!!!

Whoa, Sachin… – each frame is simply perfect. You’ve captured such spectacular moments.

EXCELLENT coverage, every frame but I have to say that the last photo is GORGEOUS!

Great work as always Sachin!

Paul Krol

Awesome moments captured, Sachin! Truly got some great emotions on this day. Great work!

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