Yesterday morning I got a text from my cousin, Hetal:

”DUDE! You got into creative live man!!!! Awesome!! Sick!! Congratulations!! Well done bro!!!”

My initial reaction was ”huh?” ..

Haha. I know.. kinda lame right?

I’m in Canada right now and his number or name didnt appear on my cell phone in Canada, but I just turned on my computer and went online and straight onto Tweetdeck.

There it was! Straight from @CreativeLive:

”The @JasmineStar picks pt2: @nateperkes, @visionst, and @sachinkhona. Congratulations! /via

I couldn’t believe it!!  I was jumping up and down!!


The only thing I could think of was how my life is now definitely going to change…

I trained as an Accountant with one of the big four firms but my passion and creativity lies in photography. This is the life I want to live, doing something I really, really love doing…

I have always been passionate about photography, since I was a kid. I travel a lot and I’m always shooting but over the last few years I’ve been taking it more seriously, assisting in some weddings and doing some portrait & fashion shoots on the side. I love shooting people and in particular weddings!

I heard online that Creative Live were going to team up with Jasmine Star and host an online wedding photography course. They were looking for 6 photographers to join them in Seattle for the August 25-29th.

I’m moving to Vancouver, Canada and this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about wedding photography, and with Seattle right around the corner, I had to apply!

I started thinking of the concept and teamed up with my friend Dr Rave and we brainstormed a few ideas. The resulting video is here.

THANK YOU to those who sent me emails, messages and texts! I really appreciate your kind words…

Thanks to Chase Jervis and the Creative Live team for organising it, and to Jasmine Star for being an awesome photographer and showing 5 photographers and I, plus the whole world on the internet, the ins and outs of Wedding Photography.

I’m going to steal the next bit from my About me section which I find very fitting right now:

I really do love this. I’m proud to be a part of the photography community. So many out there inspire me and teach me in different ways. I love the nature of the industry – constantly changing and moving. I love change.

I’m so happy to be a photographer. I owe a big thanks to my uncles and cousins who’s photography blood has filtered into my own. You taught me little tricks as a kid that I still use today. And to all the current ‘togs’ out there who are my peers and colleagues. Thanks for giving me great reasons to always pick up my camera and try something new…

I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Thanks again for this unbelievable opportunity …



By the way… you gotta check out the other videos here: They are excellent! This is going to be so much fun…

I’m going to blog about the whole experience, so stay tuned :)

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  1. congrats! hope you learn lots from her!
    I am a trained engineer myself, and I am considering doing photography on the side and eventually full time if it can support me. Good luck with your endeavours, fellow Canadian!!


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