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I’ve been wanting to blog about the Heygate Estate in Elephant & Castle for a while now but never got round to it until now.

I went down with another photographer Gary, who I met on that day, to see the derelict estate in South London.

BBC described it in March 2009 as having ”a reputation as one of the capital’s worst sink estates, riddled by crime, poverty and dilapidated housing”

There were plans to regenerate the area… 700 residents were asked to be moved as they would be rehoused for development to start.

However, the plan is now on the sidelines and all the residents have been rehoused around the Southward area. I saw a few tenants remain but otherwise its completely abandoned.

Artists, film makers and photographers like myself are attracted to Heygate to capture its empty, hollow and eerie areas, and here’s what I found.


A map showing the area of Heygate:

Demonstrations against the demolition

Number 187

Locked in

Graffiti and tagging

There’s something quite beautiful about the repetition of the patterns in the homes

Some abstracts

I’m still curious to know what these tires are about

Heygate Estate


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A very captivating reportage and collection of images. Very nicely done

I love your stairs shot. The window shots look cool too. Nicely done!

Great shots! Looking at these photos makes me feel like there's a lot of history in that building… if those walls could talk…

Interesting shots, my favorite is #11!


Thank you Brittany :)


This was the best of about 5 I took.. lovely, old and gritty


Mine too… I really love those colours!


You haven't quite got the Heygate tenants story right. You can read about the scandal of the decant of the estate here:


Johnpaul Vieira

I was so happy there

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