Going Green - How To Make Your Wedding Day More Sustainable

Vancouver is working on an initiative to become the “greenest city” in the world by 2020. This means by the end of the year, Vancouver is striving to be the most energy-efficient city. The goal is to have zero carbon, zero waste, and develop healthy ecosystems to make sure generations to come can enjoy what we have today. I couldn’t be more proud of my city.

Vancouver’s green program is just a piece of a worldwide focus on combating climate change and addressing critical environmental issues that we can no longer turn a blind eye to.

So why am I writing about this on my wedding blog? Here’s why...

A sobering fact: A single wedding, on average, will generate 400 - 600 pounds of garbage. Now factor that in knowing there are more than 160,000+ weddings happening yearly. That’s far too much waste. Something needs to be done to make the wedding industry greener, fortunately, there are plenty of vendors out there that are already working to make the wedding world a little greener. 

Couples can also participate in the movement toward a greener, more sustainable world.

Here’s how:

Less Paper, Fewer Problems

From your invitations to your wedding signage, you can use reusable materials such as chalkboards or recycled paper. You can even go a step further and send your invitations digitally, so there’s literally no paper trail. Take the money you would have spent on mailing paper invitations and reinvest it into green items for the wedding, perhaps clothe napkins.

Recommendation: Hive City uses recycled cardboard and designs beautiful items from furniture, cutlery, to full-on structures.

If you want to use paper, FSC paper uses forest paper products and wood that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly manner.

When in Need, Think of LEED

When considering a wedding venue, make sure it’s LEED certified. The LEED certification process ensures that the venue is functioning in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner. This includes water savings and materials selection. You’ll feel better knowing your wedding is housed in a caring environment.

Recommendation: Bullfrog Power is a wonderful business that estimates the amount of power you'll use based on the venue's square footage, they will help ensure that green energy balances with the electricity and gas used at your wedding.

Green Vendors

One of the easiest ways to go green for your wedding is to use sustainable wedding vendors, they'll help you take the guesswork out of it. And to make things even easier we've compiled a list of some of our favorites! 

Catering: Urban Leaf Catering / Drew's Catering / Nuba

Florists: Studio Full Bloom / Alicia's Florals

Fashion: Truvelle / LAUDAE / Pure Magnolia 

Hair and Make Up: Elate Cosmetics

Stationery: Penscript on 6th / OMD Creative

Wedding Rings + Bands: Cavalier / Era Design

Venue: Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre / Vancouver Convention Centre

Many thanks to my friend, Natasha Thom, Owner and Lead Planner, Clearwater Events & Weddings for her recommendations and insight.

Also if you're getting married in 2020/21 and beyond check out the Cascadia Wedding Show, a sustainable wedding showcase that Natasha is producing in San Deigo and Vancouver.

Going Green Polygon Wedding in North Vancouver

Above Stranger Agency's Asel @lukeasel wears a beautiful Hasley dress by Laudae Bride. See more from this Polygon Wedding.

I am more than happy to provide advice or help when needed, and that includes suggesting some green vendors that suit your needs! If you’re looking for a Vancouver wedding photographer, I would love to hear what your dream green wedding looks like. You can see more of my work from Vancouver and around the world here. Drop me a message either via my contact form or by emailing me at hello@sachinkhona.com. I take on a limited number of bookings each year and am currently booking Vancouver and Destination weddings for this year and next. I'm excited to connect with you!


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