What is a first look?

A ‘first look’ gives the opportunity for a bride & groom to see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony.

Its a very special and intimate moment between the couple that they can share alone for the first time.

It really helps to relax the couple before the ceremony and it has the benefit of giving the bride and groom time to also appreciate other aspects of the wedding.

If you’re interested in a first look before your wedding, definitely discuss it with your other half and other couples who may have had a first look before. I highly recommend it and its one of the most exciting times to photograph the couple. Of course, the decision is yours to make..

Check out Billy & Laura’s first look below. This was taken prior to the wedding and was part of the Creative Live 5 day workshop with Jasmine Star.

First Look – Laura & Billy

Billy waits for Laura to arrive at Theo Chocolate in Seattle ..

I love the emotions  … the tap on the shoulder, Billy turning around and then time alone for Laura & Billy to soak in the moment…

As a photographer, we are always far away from the couple to give them their space. We capture the story as it happens …

We then had the opportunity to capture a few poses of the beautiful bride and groom after giving them some time to be alone.

Laura looked absolutely stunning in her Priscilla of Boston wedding dress …

This is the image I showcased in Day 4 of the Creative Live workshop

Laura & Billy were a really fun couple to shoot!

We then took Laura and Billy outside for some more portraits.

Billy looks on …

.. As Laura looks gorgeous next to the ivy outside Theo Chocolate

Finally, this is the image I shot when Jasmine Star asked me to pose Laura and Billy at their first look.

Congratulations Billy and Laura!

All the best,



By the way… images from the Wedding day coming soon!

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  1. Great photos Sachin. I love angles and perspectives you chose to shoot from and that last shot, the one you posed, is AWESOME!! The way Billy is looking at Laura… shivers!!! The B&W treatment is perfect for this look. Can't wait to see more!!

  2. Awesome shots … one you showcased and the other one of Laura in front of ivy are awesome … thanks for sharing ….

  3. Hi Sachin, love the images can't wait to see the wedding day pics. Fantastic work.

  4. Hi Sachin. What a beautiful job you did of the first look. I love how you can see the story unfold in your photos.

  5. OMG, this is so cool! i watched creative live! love your pictures! I totally didn’t recognize you first @ bschool! sorry about that!


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