Love this moment before Jennifer walked down the aisle.

More from this wedding HERE



sucha solid capture. that expression…

Great capture: awesome composition, great expressions.

whoa bro.. i love the frame..

Bang. Excited, happy, nervous. Captured. Done. Love it.

Love the expression on both of their faces. That’s perfect.

Great moment Sachin, caught forever.

Good stuff, proud father :)

she’s lovely.

Oh, I love his expression. Priceless.

Great shot, it’s one they will both treasure I’m sure

That is precious! Beautiful, Sachin.

Fantastic moment, well caught. Also, men everywhere will pay dad for the key to the spring of eternal youth

One of my favorite moments of the day. You captured the emotion so well.

Stunning shot Sachin…great capture!

such a great moment!

This photographs has it all. It shows all the emotions of this moment in time beautifully.

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