Farhana & Hassan | Preview | Tatton Park Wedding Photographer


A few frames from Farhana and Hassan’s wedding on Sunday at the beautiful and historic Tatton Park in Cheshire.

Can’t get over how stunning Farhana’s dress was and Hassan’s Sherwani …

Congratulations you two!


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That second to last one: perfect! Love the light and your clean and relaxed style Sachin!

Lovely location and couple.

Wow, all five shots are amazing. I really love that long one in the trees though.

Beautiful photos! You do incredible work!

Frame number three. We have a winner! Love ’em all though.

Such a lovely preview Sachin! I love the setting of their wedding.

Sachin these are beautiful as always mate. Love that portrait one :)

Dang dude! Really nice peak. Love that location and couple :-)

Love that portrait image of them both in the blossom – keep it up dude!

Really nice work, great job


That third shot is so so awesome I want to frame it. Beautiful.

Syed Ali

Beautifull pictures Sachin good work can’t wait for for the whole album!

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