Farhana & Hassan | 1,2,3,4 from the weekend | Manchester Creative Wedding Photographer


A famous rapper once said, ‘Just gimme the light ..”

Wise words.

The above 3 from a ‘day before session’ around Salford Quays and one frame below from the Walima last night at The Lowry.

Amazing weekend with these two.

Now they’re off to Bali and I’m very jealous ..

Congratulations Farhana and Hassan!



Awesome color palette.

Oh my goodness – absolutely gorgeous! That light!

Brilliant photos! Love the light and the lines you used! Stunning. That building in the last shot – I used to work there!!! SMALL WORLD!

Mmm, that’s beautiful light. Lovely work.

Killer frames brother

john bello

it just keeps getting better and better dude

Gorgeous! The second one is my fave – the colour and light are just perfect!

Beautiful, Sachin. I’m seriously in love with the 2nd one – amazing colours and lines.

Stunning portraits Sachin – I love the bridge shot!

I’ve said it on facebook – awww!!! to that second shot. Simply TOO beautiful.

Whoa! Incredible mate.


you weren’t wrong about the light. awesome.

oh man i love that second image.

That second one is a winner. Amazing light, colours and compositions together…

The light is amazing.. so is the couple!

Are you kidding me with that second shot?? WOW!!

they’re all awesome but the 2nd and 3rd one are waaaaay awesome

The light is awesome. beautiful and warm. Great composition too.

that second one is amazing, Sachin!

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