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Escalate Live - A Review of Day 1 - Sachin Khona Photographer


Many wedding photogs would have been tuning in or attending Escalate Live on Monday and Tuesday and what an exciting event it was. Below is a review of mine from Monday that I hope you find interesting and useful.

I tuned in from home in London, UK and managed to watch all of it except for 1 hour of David Jay’s talk (my internet connection decided to fail on me.. *grrrr*) … Thanks to Dr. Rave for allowing me to drive to his to watch the rest! You rock!

First of all, a massive thank you to the organisers of this event. Im blown away by the generosity towards other photogs – the whole event was streemed for FREE to everyone worldwide. Simply amazing. I would love to attend something like this in the future live and hope to network and meet like minded photogs soon.

So, the highlights of the 2 days for me were definitely Becker and Jerry Ghionis.

Here are some of the key things I learned from Monday, Day 1. They are by no means a full review of topics covered but are points that I found imporatant and I hope you do to.

Dane Sanders: Collaboration is the Key: How Collaboration Can Transform Your Photography Business

Collaborating is important – ”Solo work in a social age will sink your ship”.

Dane described solo photographers as having many role. You essentially are the marketing department, sales department, IT department and the boss at the top, the CEO. You effectively have 4 jobs to cover. Therefore ensure you have strategies and tactics in place to complete things efficiently. Collaborate,.. but hey, no freeloaders! Everyone must be part of the team.

The [B]ecker: The ABC’s of a Successful Photography Business: <strong>Attitude, Branding, Connecting

Becker gave a great talk on the business and recited his mantra of aiming to ”Deliver the best possible experience for your clients”

He asks photogs to always ask themselves ‘how can I get better’? .. Do you need to improve your people skills? Photo skills? Service skills?

Constant improvement is key.

3 points made were:

1. Decide to have a great attitude

2. Pay attention

3. Be your brand

He described the brands he disliked (e.g. Burger King, Windows) and then moved on to the ones he loved (Apple) and what he loved about them, asking the audience to think about brands they love and using ideas for their own branding.

1. Find out what you stand for

2. Be consistent

3. Get professional help e.g. for branding

4. Connect with clients, vendors, photographers

5. Do a good job

He actively promotes giving referrals to other photographers when possible and to offer your services when available ”hook a brother up”.

Finally, Becker just said to ‘Work it!’ – Make connections, give out buisiness cards, meet up with others and share ideas. Get on it and make a start!

Be the one in your town to connect.

Jasmine Star You to the Power of Them: Powerhouse Tactics to Harness Social Media

Create a conversation on your blog – and most importantly, be who you are on the web and in person.

Use social media with:




Review how other companies use social media and keep blogging!

Julieanna Kost (Adobe) – CS5.

I haven’t got CS5 yet but watching JK go through its amazing features certainly makes me want to get it sooner rather than later. A great geeky talk and lots of new features covered.

Other points for me were to check out more of Kelby Online training and to watch on June 12-13 is Zack Arias’ Creative Live online .. I’m big fan of Zack and can’t wait to tune into this!


How did you find Day 1? Which speaker was most effective for you?

For me, it has to be Becker.

Becker is a top speaker and he’s great a reinforcing messages that are key to working in this industry and making a success of your business. I’m keen on collaborating and have done so throughout the start of my photographic career from starting off with London Calling Photographers and then moving to Vancouver and setting up VanCity Photography Meetup, to working with Dr. Rave out here in the UK on model shoots.

Next I’m looking to work harder on building and defining my brand, working on my business and getting out there – networking with clients and other photographers!

Stay tuned for my Day 2 review.



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wow… thanks for your nice review! i think it's awesome that you were about to tune in from the UK and participate. i'll be at SWPP in january.

Good overview. I personally didn't like Day 1 much. I felt a lot of the content was things I've heard over and over from so many people. Not to say it's incorrect, but it's just not something new. It's definitely not something I would have paid for. Glad it was free. My thoughts about the 2nd day are different (and better) though…will post on your review there about that one.


Hey Becker.. Thanks!
I'm hopefully moving to Vancouver, Canada soon but will spread the word out here for sure! Hope to catch one of your workshops out there or in California too.
All the best,


Hey Jigar,
Day 1 I felt did cover content that I had heard before but its always good to refresh the memory and make sure your touching all bases frequently.
It's super awesome that this was free but you're right, Day 2 was the one for me.. Loved it but unfortunately missed David Day's talk. Did you see it?..

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