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Engagement Ceremony London : Vishva + Vijay


Vishva and Vijay’s Engagement ceremony at their home was intimate, a coming together of 2 families to celebrate and bless the couple on their new journey..

There was a great speech by Vishva’s father followed by some really beautiful moments during the ceremony.

Here are a selection of the images from the afternoon…

Congratulations Vishva and Vijay!


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Great photos, I felt like I was there. I love the idea of having these be smaller and in the home. It feels so much more intimate and personal than some giant ballroom.

wonderful ceremony and wonderful coverage! :] Sachin your photography is excellent!

Totally agree with Ryan – the intimate feel to these is fantastic and gotta love the colours!

It feels great to be able to see so many different traditions. Thank God for internet, different cultures and photographers :) Love the intimacy, moments and details you’ve captured.

Beautiful details. Such awesome moments.

Awesome – love the moments and details you’ve captured. Makes me feel like I was there! :)

Lovely set of photos. Well done!

Great Images Sachin, I agree with coments presented,as if was there too, can you share technical info, such as equipments used to capture these event…thanx


Hi Neil. All shot with 5D and 5D2, only used my 50mm 1.4 and 17-40mm f/4.. Hope that helps ;) – Sachin

What a beautiful ceremony. Love your capture of details and emotions.

Such a lovely intimate wedding. You did a wonderful job capturing all the emotions and details of their ceremony.

These are wonderful Sachin!

Nakita Varma

Congratulations to you both!!

Such a rich tradition. Gotta love the reflectors being held and read from!

Brilliant expressions captured, Sach!!! Love this set :).

Paulette Stewart

Beautiful, Sachin. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me feel like I was there.


Thanks for the lovely comments guys! Really appreciate it .. :)


Congratulations on your engagement ;)! May Gurudev’s blessings be with you forever

[…] time with Vishva & Vijay and their family in their home at their engagement ceremony earlier this year, I knew just how important family is to both Vijay and Vishva. There was a lot of love in the […]

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