Documentary Vancouver Indian Wedding Photographer


Documentary Vancouver Indian Wedding Photographer

Mandeep & Randeep

A Preview

Documentary Vancouver Indian Wedding PhotographerCreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer002CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer003-2CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer003-3CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer003Documentary Vancouver Indian Wedding PhotographerCreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer005CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer006CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer007CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer008Vancouver Indian Wedding PhotographerCreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer012CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer013CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer015CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer016CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer017CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer018CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer019CreativeVancouverWeddingPhotographer020

Loved everything about this whole week. Big weddings need Big Previews. More soon!

Congratulations Mandeep & Randeep!

Big love,


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So good–there needs to be more of this

Absolutely beautiful, solid, and stunning work Sachin!! You nailed it; you always nail it my friend!

Breathtaking . Absolutely breathtaking.

Seriously gorgeous. I love, love, love your compositions! Spot ON.

Just a preview? Imagine how good the whole wedding is. Love the mix of moments.

Your work always leaves me breathless! And to think it’s just a preview. Wow!

That first frame is A+, dude. Love it.

That first and second image, and the one under the clock.. whattt?! Nailed it!

so good bro! so many unique frames in here

GreenAutumn Photography & Film

Very very nice! Love Indian weddings!!!

umm. all of those above.

Haha, loving that last one – what’s with all the glasses?! And that 6th one down – sick.

i don’t think this could have been any more brilliant that it is. for real, though. that last shot is perfection.

Nice compositions. Looks like super great fun.

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