The Photographer

Dave - London Portrait Photographer


I recently went to my friends Dave & Louise for a BBQ. Dave kindly let me capture his home and his love for Music (Metal), Cooking & Photography.

You can check out his facebook page here and his website here

Good times!

John Payne

Gorgeous shots! Makes me want to have a dinner party. Great profile of your friend. Really captures him well.

He seems like a seriously cool dude. Those veggies looked good too :)

Yum! I have always wanted to photograph a dinner party like you did. He looks seriously cool and is that his house??? Ugh. Color me jealous!

Really neat set of images!

mmmm delicious photographs! This is a wonderful set.

I really like those two verticals of the veggies and then the fish.. looks like a magazine food style/shot, really well done.

There is always something so intimate about capturing people in their own home – lovely shots :)

brilliant photos and presented so well. brilliant

Stunning, looks like such a gorgeous wedding!

Great photo’s love the food colours ! I have the same Yashica (in abox) somewhere !

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