Creative Aldergrove Wedding Photographer


Creative Aldergrove Wedding Photographer

Amy & Connor

A Preview

Creative Aldergrove Wedding PhotographerAldergroveWeddingPhotographer002AldergroveWeddingPhotographer004AldergroveWeddingPhotographer003

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Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Vancouver

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Always so lovely. I adore that first frame so much.

Wow, beautiful. The first and last are my favourites, so solid.

i went to write the exact same as veronica’s last line. that first frame.


That 3rd frame is fantastic, Sachin. Love the set.

Sachin you are the man. Best wedding party shot I’ve seen for a long long time.

Are you serious with that first frame? Because, WHAT??? Such beautiful work!

These frames are so enticing that I’m really looking forward to seeing the full blog post!

These are awesome! Great job Sachin!

Mitch Denice

Dude, i don’t think you even know how good this is. Ha! That tree is freaking beautiful, and the couple, even more beautiful!!!

Love that tree shot!

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