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This was a really tough decision. On the last few days of my Vancouver Session Contest , more entries came in and more time was needed in deciding.

I showed the stories to different friends as they came in and then to 6 friends on Sunday.

Monday was too early to make a decision. They and I needed more time to pick winners!

THANKS to everyone who participated in this contest!

So without further ado, the winners are …























Couples Session : Erin James


Portrait Session : Tomasz Wagner!






Here are their winning entries:

Erin :

“Nathan just asked me to marry him two weeks ago but it has been quite a journey for us as we met almost eight years ago! We spent a lovely week together in Powell River where we were doing an orchestral program (he plays the viola and I play the violin) but though the sparks were flying we ended up remaining friends for about five years. Finally, just as I was getting ready to leave to do a Masters degree in London, UK, Nathan decided that it would be a good idea to get together. (Perfect timing!) So I spent two years in England and Nathan and I spent a lot of time flying back and forth between continents. One time he missed his flight (the day before my year-end recital – as if I wasn’t stressed out enough already!) but managed to sweet talk another airline into giving him a one-way ticket for less than an arm and a leg. It was NOT funny at the time, but I guess we can laugh about it now. I am just glad we are living in the same city now… so at least he wont miss the wedding! Ha ha. Actually, he is a wonderful and devoted fiance, and the best match I could ever have imagined! Guess where he took me to propose? To Powell River! Here’s to many more years of friendship and love!”

Tomasz :

“Where do I start, I don’t like writing about myself.
How about this – I’m an avid traveller and love to do so whenever I can. The thing is, I don’t bring any underwear because it’s just extra weight. As a backpacker, we need to be quick and efficient as possible. I’m Tomasz and I travel commando”


Thanks so much for entering guys!

I can’t wait to meet and shoot with you :)

Check your inboxes for more details on the sessions!

All the best,




Can’t wait to see

Bahahahahaha Tomasz’ is hilarious :)

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