Brijesh & Reshma | Married | Chigwell Hall Wedding Photographer

Reshma and Brijesh’s wedding was seriously beautiful and quite an emotional day. Having shot a registry ceremony and engagement session for these two, I felt like I was shooting a friends wedding by the time the big day came around …

Onto the images, starting the day with Brijesh’s arrival …

An emotional entrance as the beautiful bride arrives..

Loving the details!

One of my favourite frames from the day below..

Bit of games going on during the ceremony. Guests will try and pinch his nose and the groom’s side of the family have to protect it. These guys got pretty wild!

Brijesh did his best to protect  himself from some serious pinching!

Support from your family always comes in handy!

The bride vs groom games after the ceremony..

Reshma hugs her family as she leaves them to join Brijesh’s

Then onto getting ready for the reception and time for a few shots of Brij and Resh ;)

How frickin’ awesome do these two look?!

A pretty epic venue!

The Groom’s side..

The Bride’s side..

Time to party up!

The ‘shots’ shot!

Dj Sachy provided some awesome music for the night!

My photographic competition that night! :P

Congratulations you two! Wishing you all the best for the future!!

As always, great fun shooting this wedding with Mr Igor Demba. Thanks again for your help bro!

Some other awesome vendors:

Dj: Dj Sachy

Catering : Indus

Cake: Asian Wedding Cakes

Make up: Javaad



stellar work, mr khona. great coverage…looking at the name, were you the dj as well?

Lovin’ the last frame. Great work Sachin!

incredible. gotta love the culture!

So well done bro! It truly was a privilege to capture and experience Brijesh & Reshma’s day alongside you.

Love the emotions and the actions. And the skills to capture them beautifully. Sachin you always impresses me!

Great photos! Such lovely tones. Indian weddings are so colourful!

Sachin this is awesome! I almost welled up at the shot where she is hugging her family. Documentary at it’s finest.

Awesome coverage! I love it all, but for a different kind of reason, I really liked that first venue shot– love the symmetry you were able to get.

Awesome. Love the dancing shots.

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