The Best Micro Wedding And Elopement Planning Tips

An Interview with a Planner

with Jordan Maxey of Smitten Events

If you are planning a smaller micro wedding or planning an elopement due to coronavirus, this interview is for you. Maybe you were planning on keeping things intimate all along. For now, elopements , micro weddings and intimate weddings are in for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. You might be familiar with elopements but I recently caught up with Vancouver Wedding Planner Jordan Maxey, Co-Owner & Principal Planner of Smitten Events and wanted to share with you an experienced planners take on the current situation.

Micro Wedding Vancouver

SK: Do you have some recommendations to couples for venues that would be a dream location for elopements / micro weddings?

JM: We love the idea of choosing a location for your elopement or micro wedding that means something to you. A favourite restaurant, the location or your first kiss, the beach where you walk your dog, even the place you took your first holiday.

Many restaurants and hotels are offering local and destination packages for small groups.

We love the idea that you have the option to return to your wedding location year after year on your anniversary. 

SK: What are some of the top considerations a couple should make when planning their elopement / micro wedding?

JM: First and foremost, you need to determine your guest list. Will it be just the two of you or do you want to include family and friends? You will definitely want to hire a great photographer to capture all the details and we also recommend considering a videographer so you can share your wedding experience with family and friends. Next up we recommend choosing a wedding location you love and other key vendors such as your officiant, florist, hair and makeup and attire. If you choose to bring on a planner they can facilitate these details for you and create a celebration tailored to your needs but without the stress of planning alone (shameless plug ) :)

Micro Wedding Elopement Vancouver

SK: Great advice! How can a couple make their wedding / elopement more unique this year? 

JM: A smaller guest list is a perfect opportunity to splurge in ways you wouldn’t be able to with say, 150 guests. Budget constraints for a large wedding might have included trimming your floral and decor spends, skipping on live music or waiting to save up for your honeymoon, but you can go for it when you’re planning a wedding for 30-50 (or less!).

Think small wedding, big style! 

Micro Wedding Planning

SK: What style / trends do you see coming in fall 2020 and into 2021? 

We think the micro wedding trend is here to stay! Covid hit the reset button for so many of us and we think the trend of big, high production weddings will move toward smaller, more intentional weddings for the foreseeable future. We will always love a big celebration but what we’re learning is that the celebration can still be big when your guest list is small.

Style wise we expect to see more modern, minimal, Scandinavian wedding design and we’re here for it!

Thank you so much Jordan for your time!

You can check out more of Smitten Events and Jordan's work here.

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