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Anju & Milan | Preview | Moor Park Mansion Wedding Photographer


A couple of frames from yesterday’s wedding at London’s Moor Park Mansion.

The Indian ceremony is next week ..

Yep, can’t wait for that one! Judging by yesterday, it’s gonna be so crazy good!


Wedding | Portrait | Vancouver | London


Lovely pair of images, love them in B&W.

Nice looking b/w conversion. These look great


just stunning! they are gorgeous.

What a dress on that bride!

That dress is amazing! Beautiful timeless images.

Oh yeah, that’s good stuff right there. Glad you’ve got more good stuff coming your way!

That dress = speechless!

Love the timelessness of black and white…lovely

Wow.. that dress is just stunning! Love the images!

that dress is GORGEOUS!! i can’t wait to see some more!

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