Last month, I met Anisha & Jay and was able to shoot Anisha’s Mehendi party, a few days before their wedding.

The night was a lot of fun for the guests and especially Anisha and Jay who, only days away from their wedding, were relaxed and enjoying the occasion with close family and friends. Performances, singing, games, great food and drinks… It was a really entertaining night!

The artist applied mehendi throughout the night…

Anisha with her close friends during the night..

Everyone loved the games that were played as the the hosts made fun of the couple asking them intimate questions about themselves as a couple and individually…

Time for some singing from each of the families.. the men vs. the women!

As the night went on, I was able to sneak the couple out to get some portraits in.. They both looked great and I wish them all the best for their futures together…

Anisha & Jay …

By the way.. I’ll be off the radar for the next week as Ill be in Seattle at the Creative Live Workshop with Jasmine Star and Chase Jarvis but you can follow me on twitter the whole way through and will blog about this amazing experience over the coming week..

Stay healthy!


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  1. love the laughter and emotion in every single image! and the portrait at the end is just perfect – natural smile, gorgeous lighting. beautiful work!


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