Angela & Colin | Preview | Vancouver Engagement Session

Stoked to have got this shot under the Olympic Torch in Coal Harbour. Even more stoked to be shooting Angela and Colin’s wedding in April.

It’s gonna be the jam.


Sweet stuff; what in the world is that?


Fair point Dale. Updated the post :)
It’s the Olympic Torch from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics..

LOVE this photo! Not to mention – it’s crazy awesome that you were able to photograph under the Olympic Torch!

wow …this is so great!

This shot is absolutely epic!


Naaaiiiiceee! Diggin the olympic torch!

This is STUNNING. I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

Awesome !!


Boooom!!! What a shot.

Whoa! Location looks like something out of a movie. That’s a wall hanger if ever I saw one.

Yeah. Wow. Spectacular shot, Sachin. I mean seriously.

I’m not even sure what to say here. That is beyond awesome


that’s pretty sick.

don’t see that every day! :D

Don J Derosier

don’t see that every day. ;)

Sachin, my friend. Whyyy do you tease us this way??! =)

Sachin I love this. Already can’t wait for the wedding! Dom x

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